Tone Regulating

Tone regulating is the fine art of adjusting the tension of the compressed wool fibers of the piano hammers to achieve the desired tone. This is done by carefully needling the felt, reshaping the surface of the hammers and regulating the action. The service also include other aspects that affect the tone of your piano. Tone regulating procedures require the piano to be in perfect tune and mechanical condition.

Steinway Piano Reapired

Action Restoration

The action is the playing mechanism of a piano. Action restoration is the careful adjustment of the mechanism so that each part performs identically to the others to achieve uniformity. It involves many critical factors such as specific measurements and calibration that should help the pianist, through the keyboard, project the music performed.

Other Services

  • Soundboard and Pin-block Installation
  • Stringing and Damper Installation
  • Set Downbearing
  • Vintage Soundboard Restoration
  • Touch-up and Polish Piano Finishes
  • Troubleshooting
Inside View of a Steinway Piano
Inside View of a Steinway Piano Reapired