About Us

Ferrero Piano Craft & Associates is a piano repair and restoration company located in Puerto Rico.

Andino Working on a Centennial Model from 1876

We can do just about anything from basic setups to complete rebuilds. We offer a wide variety of services including tuning and voicing, action restoration, soundboard and pin-block installation, stringing and damper installations, set downbearing, vintage soundboard restoration, touch-up and polish, touch-up and troubleshooting.

We are proud to have the collaboration of Jason Andino in the areas of:

  • Soundboard Installation
  • Pin block Installation
  • Vintage Soundboard Restoration from the Steinway "Golden Era"

Nationally known for his expertise, Mr. Jason Andino is a second-generation former Belly Man and Piano Service Division craftsman at Steinway & Sons in New York where he has worked for 14 years. Currently, Mr. Andino works as Piano Technician for the Manhattan School of Music in New York. Mr. Andino also holds the position of Factory Director at the Cunningham Piano Factory in Philadelphia, PA.

Centennial Model from 1876

Centennial Model from 1876. Very few models remaining in the world today.